To All the Moms Out Here Surviving Summer Vacation. I See You.

This summer has been crazy. Let me talk to you about two year olds. They. Don't Care. I have seen this child clock her sister in the head with a coffeepot and throw a fit because she couldn't wear deodorant as lip gloss. She👏don't👏care. Meanwhile, our eight year old likes to see how quickly she... Continue Reading →

Pushing On

After losing my grandmother to cancer in December we recently recieved news that my grandfather has cancer now too. Coping with her loss while simultaneously coming to terms with his illness has understandably made me a slew of emotions. I find myself pushing on to keep from going under. Whether I wanted to or not... Continue Reading →

Timing is Everything

Being quiet has never been my strong suit. What happens once you discover who you are and you are ready to move on to what you know you were born to do? What do you do when you’re not quite ready? What happens in that inbetween place? The place that is filled with diapers, dishes,... Continue Reading →

No Exceptions.

The moment you realize Jesus actually is who He says He is you automatically become part of the family. You suddenly find yourself smack dab in the middle of brothers and sisters you never knew you had. I met my biological father when I was 17 years old and with that I got my two... Continue Reading →

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