3 Tips for Recovering Your Life After a Depressive Episode

I have a tendency to run on feelings. I love swimming in the depths of emotion. Seeing the rise and fall of how I feel everyday helps keep me on track mentally. The awareness gives me a sense of where and how I am doing. This is how I fell in love with Jesus. I... Continue Reading →

Radically Authentic

If years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has taught me anything it's that when I start spiraling...I isolate. I recluse in all the worst ways and always at the worst times. When I need people most is when I tend to shy away and try to figure things out myself to try and make some sense... Continue Reading →


Thoughts are thoughtsNo danger there. Thoughts are thoughtsEven if my mind is bare. The thoughts are there in the morningand before I go to bed. The thoughts are there to woe meand pull me out of bed. The wilderness beckons me, Pushing wind beneath my sails. Sometimes we have to go within to step out... Continue Reading →

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