Pushing Toward the Promise

We are in the process of buying my grandparents’ house, my childhood home. It has been one of the most bittersweet times of my entire life.

When we were both sixteen, Eric would pick me up from my house at 5 o’clock in the morning and take me to ihop for breakfast after a long night chattin’ it up on AIM. We brought both of our babies home to this house. Eric proposed to me right in this very kitchen. All of these things and so much more have happened here making it an extremely special time.

The process though? The process has sucked. What we had to go through losing both of my grandparents to aggressive cancers all in the span of 2 years and now buying their house with all of their possessions still in it? It’s stressful. It hurts and it is hard.

I forget there is an end to this though. Seasons change, the tides start to turn and before we know it, life will move along again just as it always has. It may not be a clear end, but there is always an end to make room for the new. If we’re not careful we can get so caught up in the fatigue of everything that we totally miss what God is showing us right in the moment.

Just six years ago my husband was making minimum wage. We lived with my family. Our relationship was rocky- life was HARD.

Right now? Right now is hard. There is no denying that, but it is so much better now. I thought we would have been long done with all of this by now.

The truth? The truth is the Promise Land is right around this final corner. So push through, and push through with perseverance. The Promise is coming… And Sis, I am so excited for you when that day comes.

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  1. Congratulations. I know it’s hard to go through the things left by those we love. I work for a non-profit which often means non-paying. Our first year was rough financially. We burned through our savings and I thought we were going to lose our home. To make a long story short – I stuck with it because my wife reminded me that the farm was where God wanted me to be. I prayed and made a decision to keep putting one foot forward. I still don’t get my salary regularly but we’re always able to pay the bills. God has been good and ever so sweet. My wife often reminds e that our life is a tapestry – if you look at the back all you see is colored threads and a big mess, but if you turn it around the face is always a beautiful tapestry that God has painted.

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    1. This was such a great reminder. Thank you so much for reaching out. This blessed me beyond words this morning. Praying for you guys, your mission, and Gods blessing on your life.


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