Getting My Life Back: One Appointment at a Time

It’s no secret that I have been dealing with some anxiety and depression lately. I swear one of the most annoying symptoms is the way all of my senses seem to diminish the further down I go, especially during the winter. I never really notice it is happening until I begin to walk back into the light. I get this survival tunnel vision where I place my focus on fulfilling everyone’s needs/completing important tasks until everything disappears… Including my well-being 🥴

During my stay in survival mode I put my mental health on the back burner. I fell out of therapy and was just kind of floating around up until recently.

I actively avoided finding a new therapist and I definitely did not possess the mental capacity to tell someone my entire life story again. I was already exhausted just trying to explain my family dynamic not to mention my extensive psych file, but I bit the bullet. I tried something new and I am so glad I did.

There was something freeing about retelling my story to someone safe. There was something even more freeing about realizing I am not where I’ve been and I am no longer the same scared little girl that I find at the beginning of my story… and neither are you.

If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Make that appointment, go back to therapy, and get your life back. ❤️

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