I Can’t Breathe

I will never know the weight of a police officer obstructing my airway.

I will never know the weight of my people being opressed for hundreds of years because I am a privileged white girl with nothing but a heart in my chest.

The weight I do know is what lies ahead.

The weight I know is to raise my children differently.

The burning my heart feels to explain the dire nature of what we’re facing right now outweighs anything I ever thought possible.

They will know to stand up.

They will know what is right.

They will know not to back down.

They will know to speak out against injustice not to just watch it float by like a passing thought lost in translation.

They will know the words that they speak hold weight and the prejudice ingrained from generations and generations fuels hate.

They will know the power of solidarity because in these vital hours God is aligning His house with His heart. In the eyes of God there is only one heart, and we must take a stand. A stand for change, a stand for hope, and a stand for each and every person of color.

We see you.

We stand with you.

And we will overcome.

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