Tips & Tricks for Surviving Social Distancing with Kids

This mess is not even going to have a pretty graphic. I am tired so y’all don’t get pretty flowers or mountains because…I am tired. If The past few days with the exception of today have been great. I know some of y’all hate me right now and for the record after the past days being as good as they were I am feeling seriously cheated. I have loved having both kids home. I love going on walks, playing games, and helping my big girl with her schoolwork.

Then toddlerdom happened, then my husband’s schedule changed, then I became the hopeless extrovert that I am. Today I have cleaned up more spills than usual, more tears than usual, and I might have threatened to take every single material possession my children own… Multiple times. I could not begin to count the number of times I have said STOP TOUCHING HER or NO YOU ARENT EATING AGAIN…so once again bear with me. I am tired. I think we are all tired.

I say all that because my mindset shifted. When I first heard schools were closing and social distancing was going into effect I was low key excited just to take a break from our normal busy schedule. Today I stopped looking at the way our current life looked as being safe, a selah, a divine pause, a holy rest, and started looking at it as a burden. It has been a long day. I am writing this partly to remind myself of the selah I was originally planning on and also because I am sitting in a parked car letting my two year old nap, trying to get my mind right before she wakes up 🥴. Some days are going to be prettier than others. The baby will nap in her bed and not communicate only using shrill screams, the older one will do schoolwork without heavy sighing 15 times before turning off Fortnite… And other days it’s just going to be one of those days. The important thing is to fix our eyes on the one who’s got this, to stay safe, and to do little things that help along the way.

Steps I’m doing to combat feeling so quarantined while still remaining quarantined:

1.For the love of all things: GO OUTSIDE– This is allowed in our area. I double checked on the internet to make sure 🤔🥴 We take baby dolls for strolls. We take rides in the wagon,bike rides, hoverboard, whatever. We go outside. We do schoolwork out there. We bring bowls of water outside to wash toys in as I yell “PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS I NEED A MINUTE” before going inside again.

2. Open your windows– let the sunshine in and fill your home with fresh air. That mess is refreshing. Trust me, you need it.

3. Keep a Schedule: I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to feed this kid. So I wrote a schedule out and put it somewhere Madi could read it. She knows when meals, snacks, schoolwork, everything is. There are no surprises and having the schedule out means one less thing I have to explain or repeat, because I’m done with that mess.

4. Make Your Bed– Seriously, I know it sounds dumb but if your kids are anything like my kids they destroy the house in 2.5 seconds flat. Going past my bedroom and seeing something is in order takes my mind off of the pink slime soaked into my rug right now.

5.Do Something You Love– I started rereading The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (my very favorite book of all time.) It gives me a chance to unplug and a chance to genuinely disconnect. I have also recently discovered how much I love to cook. I recently made the decision to start cutting carbs again (the big driving factor was when the doctor asked if I could possibly be pregnant. Only pregnant with Hershey bars for the record) so today I took it upon myself to embark on a new recipe. Something I have been craving for what has felt like 50 years… Keto Butter chicken and it was so worth it.

6. WORSHIP- If I am feeling overwhelmed I bring some light to drown out that darkness. Begone! and we’re dancing too until all the fear, boredom, angst, cabin fever is up and outta this house.

Praying you guys stay safe and sane during this time. Love you all! ❤️

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