The Walls We Build & Watching Them Crumble

I recently watched “Falling Inn Love” on Netflix. Super cute, super cheesey , my favorite. Way back when, people would hide love letters or meaningful items into the walls of their home for good luck in a practice called immurement. New owners end up finding these cute mementos years later giving a glimpse into the past. I ended up going down the rabbit hole that is google for all of two hours looking up the sweet , sometimes bizarre, things people have found over the years. Well in the midst of my self-proclaimed research things got dark… there was another kind of immurement…these crazies would wall someone in until the starved…Wow, way to put a damper on everything I had just discovered, but it did echo something deep inside of me.

I have always been ashamed of the biggest parts of my story. My “before” felt more like a constant reminder of who I used to be not a look at how far I had come. I hated that girl a long time and I could not bring myself to be proud of her.

We have a choice to look at our pasts as a way to dream for the future, or we can let our circumstances keep us walled in. Walls hold an important place in our stories when we are just trying to survive, but they can give us a false sense of protection and identity that was never supposed to be there in the first place.

God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

We serve an omnipotent, omnipresent, God. He operates outside of the walls of the confines of our minds. He is everywhere and anywhere. He is there when we know it and there when we don’t. He is constantly moving with us and moving towards us whether we can see it or not and the moment we say “yes” to him we are infused with this supernatural, holy, power that can move mountains if we let it.

All we have gone through, all we have seen, heard, and done over the course of our lives holds an important piece of experiences those experiences were never meant to hold us hostage. The walls were meant to come down, but we must be willing to let the old ways of thinking and the old ways of living crumble before our very eyes.

God provides in the process.He will cover, and teach, soften, and hold. He will rebuild and realign your vision to His and you will know He is there.

He can be trusted in the process, in the messy, dirty, broken demolition it takes to start brand new, He will be there. He is good for His Word. He will keep us safe, tuck us away, and place people around us who will remind us of His love, but we must first be willing to lay it all down. Be encouraged because it is all coming back to you. Your relationships, your friendships, your questions, and your

answers, are all coming back. You are doing better than you think and just remember He is in it all. When you feel alone or overwhelmed he is right there in the middle of it waiting for you to call out. Be encouraged friends and let the walls begin crumbling down.

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