The Power In Your Story

I believe in stories. I do not believe anyone is truly “unique” in the way they feel. Our stories may all different, we may all be different sizes, shapes, colors, cultures, ages, and stages, but we all go through similar feelings at sometime or another. I believe that when we share those feelings no matter how lonely and isolating they feel they have the power to make someone else feel a little less alone.

To every single person who reached out to me after my last post, you guys are amazing. Thank you and honestly, as soon as people started responding I instantly regretted it. I used to see my life through the eyes of a victim and I have seen God move so much that I never want to make my issues seem bigger than what He is already taking care of. But, sometimes life is hard and we need to say it. Being vulnerable and telling people what is really going on can be uncomfortable, but in opening up, conversations can happen.

There is power in a whole testimony. Your entire story matters. All of the mess you have walked out of and all of the mess you are still wading through matters. You never know who needs to see the dirt and grime. Disclaimer: This does not mean airing your dirty laundry for the world to see and it will never involve throwing another person under the bus. Your testimony is about you and what God has done in you and through you. That is what people need to hear. We like to package and wrap things nicely to show others we have it all together, but when our story is unwrapped only then can we put it to use.

What if instead of making things pretty we told other people the ugly parts too? What if we shared with others that we also do not have it all together, but we know the one who does? What if we started sharing that we struggle just like them, but because of what Jesus did for us we have hope that our story is just beginning? Without our problems and without what God is doing in the moment our testimony is minimized to the watered down pages of a soggy book. God is always working things out in our favor (Romans 8:28.). Even in the seemingly stagnant seasons of life he is weeding, watering, and growing something inside of you. Share that. Through the transparency, authenticity, and relationship in Christ that has set you free, your story has the potential to point someone in the direction of abundant life. That is something to be excited about not ashamed. Keep it real friends! Your story is important.

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Revelation 12:11

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