Repentance, Revival, and Resting in the Will of God

Revival starts on our knees. The Lord is a caring, loving, God but he did not die for you to stay sitting in the same mess you were in yesterday. He did not die for us to live in the same ways we did a month ago. New times call for new measures and new provision. Jesus never settled for lukewarm faith and we should not either. Revival starts from a place of repentance. Kingdom come, thy will be done. God’s will is for us to take up our cross and follow him not keep doing the same things that have hindered us, constantly keeping us in bondage. We were made for life in abundance not life in complacency and because of that there is a strong pruning that must take place. A pruning that is literally ripping soul and spirit from flesh and bone. The type of pruning only a double edged sword can accomplish. Surrender to the process and be obedient to the change. There is a time for everything and the season is here for uprooting the past.

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