So Many Things to Say

We’re coming up on two months now and there’s still so much I want to tell you. In two short months it feels like a lifetime of reporting I want to share. Madi received citizen of the month AND honor roll for the second time in a row. Emily can tell you about 15 different animals but loves cats best, still. Our birthdays came and went. Mine was awful. We did nothing because you weren’t there to make me. We got everyone together for Eric’s though. We missed my Dad but he made the pizzas. You would have loved it. I wore your perfume for the first time ever. For someone who was 77 you were the most classic woman I will ever know. You would get a kick out of my outfit choices and how well I have learned to pair your jewelry with everyday attire. I say that but it is extremely over the top. Once again, you’d get a kick out of it. I started school and I’m doing great. You would be so proud. If it was not for your example I would not have known this was possible. Oh, how I miss you. It aches in my bones. I have such a hole in my life that I am letting God slowly heal. I ask him daily to please accelerate this process or give me some spiritual pain meds, but hey, Father knows best. I finally got around to hanging pictures on our walls. After Christmas everything was so bare it needed your smile…so your picture is everywhere. Emily loves it. I catch myself talking to you out loud in the car and we finally made it through a visit to your gravesite without sobbing. I just miss you so much. You were and always will be my best friend. My Meme. It hits randomly that this is for the rest of this life and I feel like I am back at square one. So many things between now and then and I wish more than anything to be able to tell you about each and every moment.

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