Happy First Day of School, Y’all!

I originally was going to start this out with a disclaimer in regard to how much I love my children but ya know what? I am a mother. We all love our children so sorry, not sorry that will not be in the introduction for today.

Today I am going to openly discuss the raw reality of the end of summer. This is a shout out to all the moms out there who survived summer vacation and all that came with it. Every outting, every sunscreen application, every “What are we doing today?,” every “I’m bored/hungry/hot/insert feeling here.” You did it! I am going to congratulate you because I know today your timeline will be filled with mother’s crying because their children will be back at school while you were over there counting down the days until summer was over. I FEEL YOU SISTER. May I just sit you down for a minute and tell you, you are still a great mom. You do not love your children any less. Your kids still feel loved. There is nothing wrong with you.

My daughter puts my extroverted personality to shame. After awhile I simply can not keep up and that is why I am most excited for her to be back. As nervous as she was this first day at a new school, I know in my heart she is in the right place. She has a wonderful teacher, will make wonderful friends, and will have a routine again (we love routines.) She will be with little people just like herself who run, jump, cartwheel, and laugh at farts all day. She loves that and I love that for her. It is now almost 2 o’clock and I am missing the stuffins out of my girl. And I am so excited for her to be back home again. Cheers to the new school year with all of its homework, projects, and learning, but most of all cheers that no matter where they are or where they go…they will always be our babies.

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