Two Hearts

Two moments in my life will remain ingrained in my mind forever. I remember the exact moment when I met both of my girls. The process in which we attained both was  exactly the same, the labor and deliveries were both very unique, but our actual introductions made time stand still. They knew me and I knew them. Babies do not need empirical evidence to know you are the one in which they came. They know you by your scent and they know you by your voice. They never ask or question if you are really the one, they just know. Their hearts are naturally open to receive you and the experience itself has left you both with unexplained love for each other. The kind of love you would die for.

I have put a lot of time and thought into why I believe what I believe to try and put some sort of sense to it, only to realize it makes no sense at all. The ones who give us life or show us life know us better than we know ourselves. It makes a great deal of sense that God would know us that much more. Our hearts are connected in a way that really can not be explained. I know my soul cried out deeply and it was not until I found the one in which I came that it stopped. I question everything. I over analyze every situation I am presented. I do extensive research until I can come up with an answer to whatever question I am facing, but this is one I can not find an actual answer to. It is something there are no words for. It just simply is.

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